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Sconce Specifications Text Image


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Model: Dimensions: Installation Graphic
Model 102 - Dry or damp location:
(Indoor or sheltered outdoor use)
16" T x 10" W x 4.5" D
Model 102W - Wet location:
(Outdoor use with open exposure to weather)
Model 101 - Dry or damp location:
(Indoor or sheltered outdoor use)
12" T x 8" W x 4" D

      ADA compliant
Model 101W - Wet location:
(Outdoor use with open exposure to weather)
Colors: Forest Green, Rust Brown, Black
Glass: Iridescent White, Amber
Bulb: 75 watt maximum incandescent Light Bulb Image
Due to the format of our sconces we are able to offer custom styles to fit the specific needs of a company or client. Logos or unique designs can be cut; subject to minimum order. All designs can be cut in reverse (left-right) as a special order. Delivery time subject to availability.



Model 101 & 102 - U/L Listed dry or damp location (indoor or sheltered outdoor use)
Damp location - An outdoor location with occasional exposure to moisture. Many different conditions exist
for damp location, but generally there should be some protection above the fixture, i.e. an eave or roof.

Model 101W & 102 W - U/L Listed for wet location (outdoor use, open exposure to weather)
Wet location - An outdoor location with open exposure to weather. i.e. a flat wall with no roof or
other protection above the fixture.

Construction - The sconces are cut from 14 gauge steel. The mounting bracket is cut from the same material
and attached to the sconce body with a continuous weld in four places. This makes for a very strong unit
while maintaining the sconces' open profile.

Finish - Colors: Dark green texture, Black texture, Rust brown
Sconces are protected with a durable powdercoat finish. These highly developed, protective finishes are
designed for a long life of outdoor exposure.

Dimensions -
             Model 102 - Height: 15 3/4" Width: 10" Depth: 4 1/2"
             Back edge of sconce body is spaced 7/8" off the wall.

             Model 101 - Height: 11 3/4" Width: 8" Depth: 4 "
             Complies with ADA regulations

Lampholder/ Backing plate dimensions: 5" wide x 5" tall

Electrical - For connection to standard 120 volts A.C.     Illumination: 75 watt incandescent bulb
Sconce casts light primarily downward; Approximately 75% of light shines forward and down, 25% washes
out through the sides and top.

Glass - Iridescent: White with subtle opal sheen on the surface. Transmits slightly more light than amber.
             Amber: Cream with light amber swirls, no opal on the surface. A bit warmer tone than iridescent when illuminated.

Installation -For wall mount only; attaches to standard electrical boxes (3" or 4").


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